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Get Unstuck

Overwhelmed with all the preparations? Feeling lonely? Time to say goodbye again?  Suffering from (reverse) culture shock? Do you want to go back to work? How to make the most out of your time abroad? These are just a few examples of challenges expats spouses face. Expat coaching is based on a partnership and aims at moving you forward with clarity. 

Reach Your Full Potential

Clarify and enlarge your vision by discovering your dreams. What do you really want? Define and rearrange your priorities and develop your action plans. Expat Coaching provides the personal mirror, tools and resources to help you learn how to handle challenges at any stage of your move.  

A La Carte

Everybody is unique and we all experience the challenges of a move differently. We can work together on establishing a coaching package taylor-made for you. Let's discuss.

"One Day Or Day One. You Decide"

Paulo Coelho

Expat Coaching. Reach your full potential at any stage of a move. Feel supported during your international transitions.

"When I met Claudia, we already shared the similar background of the expatriate family lifestyle - just on different continents. From her first-hand experience Claudia knows about the challenges of women handling family, children and career all at once being exposed to todays fast paced environment and to a life abroad. As a good listener and warm-hearted person, Claudia creates a safe space for her clients to open up and to dive into what they want out of life. Her skills to guide, motivate and encourage, to face truth and embrace changes helped me to move into the desired direction. I can absolutely recommend Claudia!"


Claudia Disco, certified professional coach.

About Me

Hi, my name is Claudia Disco. Ask me where I am from and I will be unable to give you a straightforward answer. I was born in the Netherlands and was six months old when I first moved. So far I have moved thirteen times and have lived in seven countries across five continents. I experienced many of the challenges and joys that come with this lifestyle as a child, student, professional, expat spouse and mother of three. Today my home is in near Paris (France) where I live with my French husband and our three children. 

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). This means that I have successfully completed an internationally recognized coach training, have over a hundred hours of coaching experience, am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and follow the regulations and code of ethics set by the ICF.​ I coach in English, Dutch and French.


I am passionate about my niche and my coaching services will be catered towards your needs and experiences. ​My coaching style is all about creating a partnership. I believe that the power and ability to attain personal goals lies within the client. 

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